Graduate Student Symposium Program

The Graduate Student Symposium will be held on Thursday, November 3 in TSRB Room 223. More detailed information about the Graduate Student Symposium is available here.

Creativity Syntax: codifying physical space’s impact on creativity in the workplace
Alison Williams

Investigating the Effects of Bimanual Multitouch Interaction on Creativity
Allen Bevans

Mind and Method: An Examination of Cognitive Activities in the Design Process
Amy Mattingly

Shifting between modes of thought: A mechanism underlying creative performance?
Andrew Pringle

Gesture Modeling: Improving Spatial Recognition in Architectural Design Process
Chih-Pin Hsiao

The Intersection of Poetry and Design
Erin Beatty

Convergence of self-report and physiological responses for evaluating Creativity Support Tools
Erin Carroll

Affective Communication with Tactile Hand Gesture Feedback
Hae Youn Joung

Crowd creativity through combination
Lixiu Yu

Getting a Picture of Your Thoughts: Interactive Mnemonic Visualization for Creative Work
Marius Brade

Bridging the Design Time – Use Time Divide: Towards a Future of Designing in Use
Monica Maceli

Tele-Improvisation: Cross-Cultural Creativity in networked Improvisation
Roger Mills