Accepted Posters

For Poster Presenters: C&C 2011 will supply poster stands, boards, and pins. All posters should be no larger than 36″ x 48″.

40-second poster madness, 3:10-3:30 pm, Friday Nov, 4rth.

Session 3, Public Art, Jim Davies (Chair)

The Impact of Design Media on Cognitive Load During Architectural Ideation Process Ashraf Mohamed Ahmed,
 Nathalie Bonnardel
, Pierre Côté

Toward a Dynamic Dramaturgy: An Art of Presentation in Interactive Storytelling
 Jason B. Alonso,
 Angela Chang,
 David Robert,
 Cynthia Breazeal

Creative Ecologies in Action: Technology and the Workshop-as-artwork
 Jamie Allen,
 Rachel Clarke, 
Areti Galani,
 Kamila Wajda

Dance in Augmented Reality: Calibration and Applications
 Michael Korostelev
, Kathryn Knauth
, Li Bai

Embroidered Confessions: An Interactive Quilt of the Secrets of Strangers
 Julynn Miller Benedetti

Investigating the Effects of Bimanual Multitouch Interaction on Creativity 
Allen Bevans


The Intersection of Poetry and Design 
Erin Beatty

Towards Supporting Creative Design: Analysis of the Use of the TRENDS System According to Designers’ Expertise 
Nathalie Bonnardel
, Carole Bouchard

Social User Generated Content’s Effect on Creativity in Educational Games 
Acey Boyce, 
Katie Doran, 
Antoine Campbell,
 Shaun Pickford, 
Dustin Culler, 
Tiffany Barnes

Getting a Picture of Your Thoughts: Interactive Mnemonic Visualization for Creative Work
 Marius Brade

Creativity and Conducting: Handle in the CAIRA Project
 Selmer Bringsjord,
 Colin Kuebler,
 Joshua Taylor, 
Griffin Milsap,
 Sean Austin
, Jonas Braasch
, Pauline Oliveros,
 Doug Van Nort
, Adam Rosenkrantz,
 Kasia Hayden

Convergence of self-report and physiological responses for evaluating Creativity Support Tools 
Erin Carroll

Capturing ‘In The Moment’ Creativity Through Data Triangulation 
Erin A. Carroll, Celine Latulipe

A Computer System Aiming to Stimulate Creativity for Narrative
Yun-tai Chang
, Sheng-Chih Chen, 
Tsai-Yen Li

MusEEGk: Design of a BCMI 
Yee Chieh (Denise) Chew
, Eric Caspary

Crowdfunding: Validating Ideas, Fundraising, Creating Distribution Channels, and Maintaining Control
 Hannah Chung
, Elizabeth Gerber

Influence of Design Tools on Conceptually Driven Processes
 Amod N. Damle
, Trudi Miller

Correlation between Coherent Heart Rate Variability and Divergent Thinking 
Gina Deininger, 
Gareth Loudon

Phenomenologies of Practice: The Artist in Virtual Worlds 
Denise Doyle

Creative Strategies in Artists’ and Engineers’ Approaches to Technology Development: First Results of a Case Study
 Jill Fantauzzacoffin, 
Juan D. Rogers,
 Jay D. Bolter

Beyond Participation: Empowerment, Control and Ownership in Youth-Led Collaborative Design
 Lalya Gaye, 
Atau Tanaka

The Taste of Criticism: Enhancing Feedback for Creativity 
Georgi V. Georgiev,
 Yukari Nagai

Do HCI Researchers Use Computers? 
Gunnar Harboe

Shifting Between Worlds
 Drew Harrison

Measuring Creative Impact with Web-based Data 
Richard W. Hass

Creativity Barometer: An Approach for Continuing Micro Surveys to Explore the Dynamics of Organization’s Creativity Climates 
Thomas Herrmann,
 Angela Carell,
 Jan Nierhoff

Gesture Modeling: Improving Spatial Recognition in Architectural Design Process Chih-Pin Hsiao

Improvisational Theater for Computing Scientists
 Raquell M. Holmes

User Roles in Asynchronous Distributed Collaborative Idea Generation
 Sara Jones
, Anni Poulsen, 
Neil Maiden, 
Konstantinos Zachos

Affective Communication with Tactile Hand Gesture Feedback
 Hae Youn Joung

Study of Affective Communication Method in Tactile Hand Gesture Feedback 
Hae youn Joung
, Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Interpretation as Driver for Psychological Creativity
 Nick Kelly,
 John S. Gero

Computing Indicators of Creativity
 Kyu Han Koh
, Vicki Bennett, 
Alexander Repenning


40-second poster madness, 4:50-5:10 pm, Friday Nov, 4rth.

Session 4, Design I, Nancy Nersessian (Chair)


Collaborative Musical Improvisation in a Laptop Ensemble with LOLC 
Sang Won Lee,
 Jason Freeman
, Andrew Colella,
 Shannon Yao, 
Akito Van Troyer

A Top-Down Design Methodology based on Causality and Chronology for Developing Assisted Story Generation Systems 
Carlos León, 
Pablo Gervás

LilyPond: An Online Community for Sharing E-Textile Projects 
Emily Lovell, 
Leah Buechley

mediPuppet: An Interactive Comforting Companion for Children While Visiting a Doctor
 Szu-Chia Lu,
 Andy Wu, 
Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Image Schemata in Animated Metaphors for Insight Problem Solving
 Eric Luchian
, Corina Sas

Bridging the Design Time – Use Time Divide: Towards a Future of Designing in Use
 Monica Maceli

Mind and Method: An Examination of Cognitive Activities in the Design Process 
Amy Mattingly

Innovation is Built on the Obscure: Innovation-Enhancing Software for Uncovering the Obscure
 Anthony J. McCaffrey, Lee Spector

Scaffolding Creativity with Open-Source Hardware 
David A. Mellis, Leah Buechley

Tele-Improvisation: Cross-Cultural Creativity in networked Improvisation
 Roger Mills

Mapping Seduction: Traditional Narrative Abstractions as Parameterized Story Systems 
Janet H. Murray

Roles of Miniature Space in Hybrid Prototyping  Yasuto Nakanishi
, Koji Sekiguchi
, Takuro Ohmori,
 Soh Kitahara,
 Daisuke Akatsuka

Beyond Eco-feedback: Using Art and Emotional Attachment to Express Energy Consumption
 Valentina Nisi
, Diego Nicoletti,
 Raffaella Nisi,
 Nuno Nunes

RE: Designing a Digital Sketchbook 
Shaleph J. O’Neill

Articulating Creativity in a New Domain: Expert Insights from the Field of E-Textiles Kylie A. Peppler,
 Yasmin B. Kafai,
 Deborah Fields,
 Diane Glosson,
 Kristin Searle

Shifting between modes of thought: A mechanism underlying creative performance?
 Andrew Pringle

Spielraum: Play, Chance and Creativity Across Disciplines
 Diane Rosen

“I Reflect to Improve My Design” — Investigating Role and Process of Reflection in Creative Design
 Moushumi Sharmin, 
Brian P. Bailey

The Role of Iteration in the Design Processes of Middle

School Students 
Mark Sherman, Fred Martin, 
Michelle Scribner-MacLean

Open Construction Kits
 Jay Saul Silver

Creative Feelings: The Effect of Mood on Creative Ideation and Evaluation
 Paul T. Sowden, 
Leah Dawson

An Exploration of Creativity in School Children’s Music Composition: Study, Software and Framework
 Sylvia M. Truman

Beyond Fixing Bugs: Case Studies of Creative Collaboration in Open Source Software Bug Fixing Processes
 Jing Wang
, John M. Carroll

Creativity Syntax: codifying physical space’s impact on creativity in the workplace Alison Williams

Creative Storytelling Enhanced Through Social Media And Intelligent Recommendation
 Yin-Li Wong,
 Chien-Sing Lee

Creativity in Software Development in an Academic Research Lab
 Andy Wu
, Sam Mendenhall
, Jayraj Jog,
 Ali Mazalek

Perception, Insight, and Creativity in Paradigm, a Game of Pattern Exploration William W. York
, David C. Bender

Crowd creativity through combination
 Lixiu Yu

Introducing Creativity Techniques and Software Apps to the Care of People with Dementia 
Konstantinos Zachos, 
Neil Maiden, 
Kristine Karlsen,
 Sara Jones
, Ian Turner, Malcolm Rose,
 Kevin Pudney,
 Julie MacManus

Silent Barrage: Interactive Neurobiological Art
 Riley T. Zeller-Townson, Guy Ben-Ary
, Philip Gamblen, 
Peter Gee, Stephen Bobic,
 Douglas Swehla
, Steve M. Potter

Towards a Computational Model of Character Status in Interactive Storytelling
 Jichen Zhu, 
Kenneth Ingraham
, J. Michael Moshell,
 Santiago Ontañón