Accepted Papers

Exploring the Sensitivity to Representation of an Evolutionary Algorithm for the Design of Shapes
Andres Gomez de Silva Garza

The Rise of Personal Fabrication
Catarina Mota

Creative Personal Projects of the Elderly as Active Engagements with Interactive Media Technology
Vilma Lehtinen
Anu Kankainen

Tech Break Ups: A Research Tool for Understanding People?s Attachment to their Technology
Elizabeth Gerber

Design and Evaluation of Creative and Emotional Motion
Kaori Yamada
Toshiharu Taura
Yukari Nagai

Understanding Repair as a Creative Process of Everyday Design
Leah Maestri
Ron Wakkary

Performing Places
Colombine Gardair
Patrick G.T. Healey
Martin Welton

Post-it Note Art: Evaluating Public Creativity at a User Generated Art Installation
Anijo Mathew
Yvonne Rogers
Peter Lloyd

Finding The Odd One Out: A Fractal Analogical Approach
Keith McGreggor
Ashok Goel
Adam Hampshire

Designing Reality-Based Interfaces for Creative Group Work
Florian Geyer
Ulrike Pfeil
Anita Höchtl
Jochen Budzinski
Harald Reiterer

How did Human Creativity Arise? An Agent-based Model of the Origin of Cumulative Open-ended Cultural Evolution
Liane Gabora
Maryam Saberi

Formally Modeling Pretend Object Play
Alexander Zook
Brian Magerko
Mark Riedl

NOOT: a tool for sharing moments of reflection during creative meetings
Jelle van Dijk
Remko van der Lugt
Jirka van der Roest
Kees Overbeeke

Temporal Integration of Interactive Technology in Dance: Creative Process Impacts
Celine Latulipe
David Wilson
Sybil Huskey

Shared Mental Models in Improvisational Theatre
Daniel Fuller
Brian Magerko

The Choreographer’s Notebook: A Video Annotation System for Choreographers and Dancers
Vikash Singh
Celine Latulipe
Erin Carroll

The HCI Researcher as Artist and Designer: Approaches to Creativity and Distance
Viveka Weiley
Ernest Edmonds

Traces in Creative Spaces
Jelle van Dijk
Gerrit-Willem Vos

Using semantic similarity to predict angle and distance of objects in images
Sterling Somers
Jonathan Gagné
Cesar Astudillo
Jim Davies

An Artistic Dialogue with the Artificial
David Norton
Derrall Heath
Dan Ventura

An Information-Processing Account of Creative Analogies in Biologically Inspired Design
Ashok Goel
Swaroop Vattam
Michael Helms
Bryan Wiltgen

Distributed Creative Cognition In Digital Filmmaking
Nicholas Davis
Boyang Li
Brian O’Neill
Michael Nitsche
Mark Riedl

Understanding Exploratory Creativity in a Visual Domain
Kyle E. Jennings
Dean Keith Simonton
Stephen E. Palmer

Audience Empathy a Phenomenological Method for Mediated Performance
Greg Corness
Kristin Carlson
Thecla Schiphorst

Combining Concept Maps to Catalyze Creativity
Lixiu Yu
Jeffrey Nickerson

Creative Gadget Design in Fictions: Generating Novel Object Types in Analogical Spaces
Boyang Li
Mark Riedl

Computing Harmony With PerLogicArt: Perceptual Logic Inspired Collaborative Art
Nicholas Davis
Pramod Gupta
Shruti Gupta
Ellen Do

Design Space Exploration in Parametric System: Analyzing Effects of Goal Specificity and Method Specificity on Design Solutions
Naghmi Shireen
Halil Erhan
Rodolfo Sanchez
Jelena Popovic
Bernhard Riecke
Rob Woodbury

Kinesthetic Pathways: A Tabletop Visualization to Support Discovery in Systems Biology
Andy Wu
Jung-Bin Yim
Eric Caspary
Ali Mazalek
Sanjay Chandrasekharan
Nancy J. Nersessian

Studying Medium Effects on Children’s Creative Processes
Sharon Lynn Chu Yew Yee
Francis Quek
Xiao Lin

A Scale Model of Mixed Reality
Evan Barba
Blair MacIntyre

Enduring Interaction: An Approach to Analysis and Design of Gestural Interfaces in Creative Computing Systems
Kenny K. N. Chow
D. Fox Harrell