Accepted Artworks

Fitness Function: Turning the Loop Inside Out
David Norton
Derrall Heath
Dan Ventura

maybe make some change
Aaron Reed

The Wheatstone Stereoscopic Random Line Pair Generator with Fitness Function for Non-objective Art
Gregory Patrick Garvey

Open House: Interaction as Critical Reflection
Jack Stenner
Patrick LeMieux

Please Smile
Hye Yeon Nam
Changhyun Choi
Sam Mendenhall

Four Electric Ghosts
Mendi Obadike
Keith Obadike

Sympathy for Pacman
Matt Ruby

Jason Freeman
Sang Won Lee
Shannon Yao
Aaron Albin

Lost Memories and Embodied Traces
Eleanor Dare

Celine Latulipe
Sybil Huskey
David Wilson
Melissa Word
Berto Gonzalez
Nathan Nifong
Adam Harris

Pictures at an Exhibition: a physical/digital puppetry performance piece
Ali Mazalek
Michael Nitsche
Claudia Rebola
Andy Wu
Paul Clifton
Firaz Peer
Matthew Drake

Haeyoung Kim

A Reading of Skeleton Seas of Mare Incognitum: An Interactive Fiction Expedition in Curveship
D. Fox Harrell
Nick Montfort

cartographs — the trans-sensory metaphor
Brian Evans

A Morphing Robotic Environment Shaped by and Shaping Kindergartners, Reaching for the Stars
Anthony Threatt

Ryan Raffa

Conversing with a Computer – The Body Language of the Box
James Sheridan

Embroidered Confessions: An Interactive Quilt of the Secrets of Strangers
Julynn Benedetti

The Zajal Programming Language
Ramsey Nasser