Joon Kim

Joon Kim is based in San Francisco. He works in corporate partnerships at LinkedIn by day and studies as an OMSCS graduate student by night. He majored in mathematics and double majored in history as an undergraduate at Amherst College and spent two years working as an 8th grade math teacher with Teach for America. Joon is working in the DI Lab concurrently with his studies in the Artificial Intelligence course at Georgia Tech, and is passionate about the possibilities that AI will enable in education.

You can find Joon’s website here:

Sara Kazemi

Sara Kazemi (they/she) is interested in topics intersecting cognitive science, computer science, linguistics, and education. In addition to being a graduate research assistant for the Jill Watson project with the DILab, they create developer-centered technical learning content at Okta.

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Brittany Harbison

Brittany Harbison is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Tennessee Tech, where she also served as a research assistant for projects related to pedestrian flow and operations research. At DILab, Brittany serves as a research assistant for the SAMI project.

Her research interests include Natural Language Processing, High-performance Machine Learning, and general AI. In her free time, she enjoys playing RPG and strategy video games, as well as painting miniatures.

Jared Gage

Jared Gage is pursuing a master’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has professionally worked in data analytics and engineering within multiple industries. He is a graduate research assistant for the DILab w, specifically on data engineering and anonymization efforts. He received a BS from UCLA in Cognitive Science and Computing. Jared’s research interests include Neural-inspired AI systems and High Performance ML.