The Interactive Videos, or Ivy, is an intelligent AI coach developed by the Design Intelligence Lab, Georgia Tech, that can be embedded in online videos fostering active learning and learning by doing for adult learners looking to re-skill/up-skill. Based on the foundations of the “In-Video Tutor” [1], Ivy aims to combine Cognitive AI representations of problem-solving skills with a context relevant question-answering and explanation generation capabilities of Generative AI methods.   

Currently, in terms of modeling problem-solving skills, Ivy uses the TMK (Task-Method-Knowledge) language [2-4] where the “Task” pertains to the goal of a skill, the “Method” specifies the mechanism of completing the goal, and the “Knowledge” refers to objects, concepts and operations in the environment. In combination with Generative AI methods like LangChain and Chain-of-Thought, Ivy aims to provide explanations with reasoning for students’ questions about video lecture content and students’ responses for exercises as part of an online course.   

Ivy: Foundations and Architecture

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