Luke Eglington

Luke Eglington is a research scientist in DILab and contributes to the VERA, Jill Watson, and SAMI projects. His research focuses on developing and optimizing adaptive instructional systems (AIS) by accounting for principles of human learning and attention. For example, Luke recently published a paper showing how to create an AIS for maximally efficient spaced practice. Other research interests include individual student differences, mathematical models of learning, metacognition, and visual attention.

Andrew Hornback

Andrew is a PhD student in Computer Science specializing in Machine Learning and Interactive Intelligence. He is interested in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology. Prior to Georgia Tech, he did research in financial derivatives with Dr. Robert E. Whaley at Vanderbilt University.

Willventchy Celestin

My name is Willventchy Celestin. I am an OMSCS student specializing in machine learning. I also work as a data engineer for Capital One. In 2018, I received a B.A. in Information Science from Cornell University. My interest lies in AI systems that interact directly with humans on a domain-specific task like ecology. Outside of computer science, I enjoy oil painting, cooking, and weightlifting.

Dalton Bassett

Dalton is a computer science master’s student at Georgia Tech. He joined DILab’s IBID project in December 2020 as a researcher and developer. His research interests include natural language processing, reading comprehension, and leveraging machine learning to increase access to information for everyone.

Scott Bunin

Scott Bunin teaches computer science in New York City.  He has 15 years of experience teaching computer science and technology to K-12 students.  He is currently working as the computer science department lead at the Academy for Software Engineering where he is focusing on making computer science more accessible to students.  He has a masters degree in education and is working towards a master’s degree in computer science at Georgia Tech. 

Kevin Hare

Kevin teaches computer science in Atlanta, Georgia. He has more than 17-years of experience teaching at the high school level and is working with the Georgia Department of Education to develop an Artificial Intelligence pathway for high schools in the state. In his free time, he co-founded the technology company BoxJump and authored the book Computer Science Principles: The Foundational Concepts of Computer Science. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a master’s degree in secondary education, and is working towards a master’s degree in computer science at Georgia Tech.

Saloni Shah

Saloni Shah is a 3rd year Undergraduate student at Georgia Tech. She is studying Computer Science with threads in People and Intelligence. She is currently working on the Jill Watson project a DILab. Her research interests lie in human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.