Shashank Verma

Shashank Verma is working on a Master’s in Computer Science with specialization in Machine Learning at Georgia Tech. He did his bachelor’s in Computer Science in India and works at Google. Shashank is a Graduate Research Assistant for the Ivy project and his research focuses on adaptive and interactive learning in Education AI.

Research interests: AI in education, AI in medical diagnosis

Travis Taylor

Travis Taylor is an MSCS student at Georgia Tech specializing in Interactive Intelligence. Travis holds a Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is an alum of the Cognitive Neurolinguistics Lab at the Center for Mind and Brain at UC Davis. Travis has professional experience in econometrics, data science, software engineering, and adult education. Travis’s research interests include Human-AI interaction, explainable AI, cognition, and design. 

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Shalini Sushri

Shalini Sushri is a CS PhD student at Georgia Tech. Shalini is also a CSGrad4US Fellow. This fellowship is jointly awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Computing Research Association (CRA).

Her current research focus includes the following three areas: a) ‘What’ is an AI agent’s understanding of the user problem provided to them?, b) ‘How’ do they solve the user problem based on their understanding of it?, and c)’Why’ do they provide a certain solution to a user problem as opposed to other solutions?

Shalini’s research goal is to improve trustworthiness and transparency of AI machines by giving it the ability to explain themselves to humans in a user-friendly way.

Anthony Santana

Anthony is a graduate research assistant and student at Georgia Tech, specializing in Interactive Intelligence. He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering and has applied his engineering skills in various industries, including finance, pharmaceutical, and energy. His research interests include natural language understanding, cognitive applications, and computational creativity. At DILab, Anthony works for the Architecture for Learning team.

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