Swaroop Vattam
– PhD in CS, 2012.
– now with MIT Lincoln Labs.

Summer Adams
– classification, abduction, & analysis.

Ethan Beisher
– MS in CS, 1998: case-based planning.

Sambasiva Bhatta
– PhD in CS, 1995: creative analogies in modeling & design.
– now with Verizon.

Daniel Connelly
– MS in CS, 2012: meta-reasoning.
– now with Google.

Jim Davies
– PhD in CS, 2004: visual analogies in problem solving & learning.
– now with Carleton University, Canada.

Marshall Gillson
– MS in CS, 2012: meta-reasoning.
– now with Google.

Andres Gomez de Silva Garcia
– MS in CS, 1997: interactive modeling and design.
– now with ITAM, Mexico.

Todd Griffith
– PhD in CS, 1998: creative analogies in modeling & problem solving.
– now with Discovery Machine.

Nathalie Grue
– MS in CS, 1994: interactive modeling & design.

Shantanu Gupta
– MS in CS, 2009

Andrew Hill
– MS in CS, 2006: classification.
– now with Dell.

Joshua Jones
– PhD in CS, 2010: meta-reasoning and classification.

Lee Martie
– MS in CS, 2009: program adaptation.

Vivek Menon
– MS in CS, 2008: modeling complex systems.

J. William Murdock
– MS in CS, 1994: reflection in problem solving & learning.
– now with IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center.

Michael Pearce
– M.S. in CS, 1992: case-based design.

Jeff Pittges
– M.S. in CS, 1993: knowledge acquisition.

Rucheek Sangani
– M.S. in CS, 2007: reflection and self-adaptation.
– now with Amazon.

Murali Shankar
– M.S. in CS, 1992: reflection and self-adaptation.

Avik Sinharoy
– M.S. in CS, 2009: story construction in investigative analysis

Eleni Stroulia
– Ph.D. in CS, 1994: reflection in problem solving and learning.
– now at University of Alberta, Canada.

Rohan Tiwari
– M.S. in CS, 2009: game AI

Andreas von Hessling
– M.S. in CS, 2005: learning in game playing.
– now at Stanford Research Institute.

Gregory West
– M.S. in CS, 2006: learning in game playing.
– now with Google.

Patrick Yaner
– Ph.D. in CS, 2007: multimodal analogies in diagram understanding.
– now with LogicBlox.

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