Four DILab Papers Accepted for Presentation!

Last week, four DILab team papers were accepted for presentation to the 20th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems in Greece in June 2024!

Jill Watson: VTA-GPT – A Conversational Virtual Teaching Assistant

AUTHORS: Sandeep Kakar, Pratyusha Maiti, Alekhya Nandula, Gina Nguyen, Karan Taneja, Aiden Zhao, Vrinda Nandan and Ashok Goel

SAMI: ABCD: An AI Actor for Fostering Social Interactions in Online Classrooms

AUTHORS: Sandeep Kakar, Rhea B, Ida Camacho, Christopher Griswold, Alex Houk, Chris Leung, Mustafa Tekman, Patrick Westervelt, Qiaosi Wang and Ashok Goel.

VERA: A Constructivist Framing of Wheel Spinning: Identifying Unproductive Behaviors with Sequence Analysis

AUTHORS: John Kos, Dinesh Ayyappan and Ashok Goel

Self-Explanation: Social AI Agents Too Need to Explain Themselves

AUTHORS: Rhea Basappa, Mustafa Tekman, Hong Lu, Benjamin Faught, Sandeep Kakar and Ashok Goel

Congratulations to all the authors!

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