Making the invisible... visible

through analogical thinking, systems thinking, visual thinking, and meta-thinking.

About Us

The Design & Intelligence Laboratory conducts research into computational design and creativity. The goals of our research are to model human creativity in practical tasks such as conceptual design of complex systems, develop interactive tools for aiding humans in creative tasks, and build creative machines. Our research posits analogical reasoning, visual reasoning, and meta-reasoning as fundamental processes of creativity. Computer-aided design and computer-supported learning provide two real-world domains for exploring analogical, visual and meta-reasoning. Current projects explore analogical reasoning in biologically inspired engineering design, visual reasoning on intelligence tests, meta-reasoning in game-playing software agents, and learning about ecological and biological systems in science education.


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For more information about the Design & Intelligence Lab, please write to Professor Goel at: goel at cc dot gatech dot edu

Or, visit us on the second floor of TSRB (outside room 225):

Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing
Technology Square Research Building
85 Fifth Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

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