Misc. July 2010 News

July 2010- Keith McGreggor and Maithilee Kunda organize the AAAI-2010 workshop on Visual Representation and Reasoning in Atlanta. Keith also gives a talk on “A Fractal Analogy Approach to Raven’s Test of Intelligence” to the workshop.

Ashok Goel gives the keynote talk on “Meta-Reasoning for Self-Adaptation in Intelligent Agents” to the AAAI-2010 workshop on Meta-Cogniton.

Ashok Goel gives an invited talk on “Reflection in Action” to the AAAI-2010 workshop on Goal-Directed Autonomy.

Joshua Jones gives a talk on “Effects of Faulty Knowledge Engineering on Structured Classification Learning” to the AAAI-2010 workshop on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation.

Julia Svoboda joins DILab as a post-doctoral fellow. She will work on the EMT project on learning about complex systems in middle school science.

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