Brittany Harbison

Brittany Harbison is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Tennessee Tech, where she also served as a research assistant for projects related to pedestrian flow and operations research. At DILab, Brittany serves as a research assistant for the SAMI project.

Her research interests include Natural Language Processing, High-performance Machine Learning, and general AI. In her free time, she enjoys playing RPG and strategy video games, as well as painting miniatures.

Jared Gage

Jared Gage is pursuing a master’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has professionally worked in data analytics and engineering within multiple industries. He is a graduate research assistant for the DILab w, specifically on data engineering and anonymization efforts. He received a BS from UCLA in Cognitive Science and Computing. Jared’s research interests include Neural-inspired AI systems and High Performance ML.

Anthony Chen

Anthony Chen is a part time graduate student at Georgia Tech studying computer science with a specialization in machine learning. He graduated from Santa Clara University in 2023 with a bachelor of science in computer science. Anthony is interested in the intersections of artificial intelligence, education, and intelligent systems.

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Stephen Buckley

Stephen Buckley is working on a Master’s in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, concentration in machine learning. Stephen is a Graduate Research Assistant for the VERA project, and his research focuses on personalized learning in inquiry-based modeling. Stephen also achieved his Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

Rhea Basappa

Rhea R B (Rhea Ravandur Basappa) is pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science and specialising in Interactive Intelligence. She is currently working on the SAMI project in Dilab. Rhea has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India. Outside of Dilab she enjoys dancing and trains in Bharatanatyam.

Research Interests: Human-AI interaction, AI in education and the intersection of AI and Cognitive Science.