Swaroop Vattam graduates with a Ph.D. in computer science

Swaroop Vattam graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Swaroop led the development of several interactive technologies: ACT, that enables middle school children learn about ecological systems; DANE, that provides a digital library of biological systems for supporting biologically inspired design (http://dilab.cc.gatech.edu/dane/); and Biologue, that uses a technique of model-based semantic annotation for affording online retrieval of biology articles relevant to design problems. He won the 2012 College of Computing Outstanding GRA Award, and his Ph.D. Dissertation was selected as one of four Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertations in the College of Computing during 2011-12. Swaroop will join NIST, where he will work on “big data, big knowledge.”(Congratulations Swaroop. Way to go!)

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