Applying Theory of Mind to Personalize AI for Supporting Life Transitions


Life transitions, intrinsic to the human condition, evoke complex and nuanced mental states. While existing research predominantly addresses providing social support to assist individuals through
such transitions, the potential of personalized technological support remains under explored. This literature review examines the feasibility of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to infer mental
states and explores the rich landscape and expansive potential of personalized interaction design based on this mental state inference. Such designs advocate for the integration of AI’s Theory of Mind
(ToM) capabilities, aiming to foster more natural and intuitive user interactions by aligning with individuals’ mental states. Despite these ongoing advancements, current applications are fragmented,
often targeting a narrow spectrum of mental states within specific contexts. This underscores the necessity for a comprehensive exploration to guide the development of AI systems attuned to the
intricate web of users’ mental states. At the end, we also address the ethical implications of deploying such AI systems, with a focus on potential emotional repercussions and privacy concerns.

Applying Theory of Mind to Personalize AI for Supporting Life

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