Marshall Gillson

I’m working to complete my Master’s degree in the Design & Intelligence Lab with research into game playing adaptations. I’ve been designing software agents to play a number of different games and examining the differences between those agents. In this way, I aim to determine what kinds of strategy adaptations are compelled by different kinds of rule changes. These exercises should  lead to the development of generalized guidelines for and theories of adaptation in games, which in their turn serve as a microcosm for more broad notions of strategy and plan modification.

More generally, I am interested in Artificial Intelligence as a method for investigating cognition and consciousness as abstract phenomena. Right now, human intelligence is our only exemplar for them; cognitive systems hold the promise of creating more data points and empirically testing hypotheses. Which hypotheses we should test and how those systems should be designed, however, are big questions. In pursuit of answers, I’ve been overdosing on Cognitive Science classes.

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