Jill Watson: A Suite of Online Learning Tools

From Left to Right: Ida Camacho, Qiaosi Wang, Rohit A Mujumdar, Ashok Goel, Eric Gregori, Varsha Achar

With the advent of Georgia Tech’s OMSCS (a massive online course to earn a Masters in CS), thousands of people around the world have been enrolling to learn. An increase in learners implied more questions being asked on class discussion forums. With a limited number of instructors per course, answering questions became increasingly difficult. This is when Jill Watson was conceived.

Jill Watson is a Virtual Teaching Assistant, that can answer questions about a course syllabus, when deployed on online communication forums like Piazza or Slack. 

What initially began as a question answering agent for course syllabi, Jill Watson is gradually permeating into other domains. Jill Watson can now answer questions about VERA‘s instructional manual.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jill Watson!

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