Papers accepted to Design Theory and Methods

March 27, 2010- The following two papers are accepted for presentation to the 2010 ASME Conference on Design Theory and Methods to be held in Montreal, Canada in August 2010.

Michael Helms, Swaroop Vattam & Ashok Goel. The Effects of Functional Modeling on Understanding Complex Biological Systems. To appear in Proc. 2010 ASME Conference on Design Theory and Methods, Montreal, Canada, August 2010.

Swaroop Vattam, Michael Helms & Ashok Goel. Biologically Inspired Design: A Macrocognitive Account. To appear in Proc. 2010 ASME Conference on Design Theory and Methods, Montreal, Canada, August 2010.

Yen presents in China

September 2010- Professor Jeannette Yen presents a joint CBID-DILab paper entitled “Evaluating biological systems for their potential in engineering design” to the 3rd International Conference on Bionics Engineering in Zhuhai, China.

Professor Mary Lou Maher gives a talk on “Understanding Creativity Through Computation” to the Creativity + Cognition + Computation seminar series and visits DILab.

Misc. May 2010 News

May 2010- Swaroop Vattam successfully defends his thesis proposal entitled “Mediated Analogy: From Practice to Theory to Technology.” His thesis committee includes Professors Janet Kolodner, Mary Lou Maher, Nancy Nersessian and Jeannette Yen.

Maithilee Kunda presents the paper “Can the Raven’s Progressive Matrices Intelligence Test Be Solved by Thinking in Pictures?” to IMFAR-2010 in Philadelphia.

Joshua Jones graduates with a Ph.D. in Computer Science! Congratulations Josh!

Josh is now a postdoctoral research scientist with Marie des Jardins and Tim Oates at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Adity Dokania, Shantanu Gupta, Rohan Tewari, Bryan Wiltgen and Deepak Zambre graduate with a M.S. in Computer Science! Congratulations all!

Adity is joining The MathWorks in Boston, Deepak is joining Microsoft in Seattle, and Bryan is joining the Ph.D. program at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Vattam, Helms, and Goel attend Creativity and Cognition

October 27-30, 2009- Swaroop Vattam, Michael Helms & Ashok Goel participate in the Seventh ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition, Berkeley, California. Swaroop presents the paper “Nature of Creative Analogies in Biologically Inspired Innovative Design” to the conference. Ashok Goel hosts a GVU reception for the conference participants and it is fun time!

Jones accepted postdoctoral position at Maryland

September 2009- Joshua Jones takes a postdoctoral position at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. AT UMBC, Josh will work with Marie des Jardins and Tim Oates. Way to go, Josh! We will miss you but are happy for you.

The paper “A Computational Model of Visual Analogies in Design. Journal of Cognitive Systems Research,” coauthored by Jim Davies, Ashok Goel & Nancy Nersessian is published in the Journal of Cognitive Systems Research. (Special Issue on Analogies – Integrating Cognitive Abilities, 10:204-215.)

The paper “Biologically Inspired Design: Products and Processes,” coauthored by Michael Helms, Swaroop S. Vattam & Ashok K. Goel is published in the journal Design Studies (30(5):606-622).

DILab wins CreativeIT Grant

August 2009- DILab wins a major grant from the NSF CreativeIT program. The project is entitled “Computational Tools for Enhancing Creativity in Biologically Inspired Design”, and represents a collaboration between DILab and the Georgia Tech Center for Biologically Inspired Design.