Using AI to Teach AI: Lessons from an Online AI Class


In fall 2014, we launched a foundational course in artificial intelligence (CS7637: Knowledge-Based AI) as part of Georgia Institute of Technology’s Online Master of Science in Computer Science program. We incorporated principles and practices from the cognitive and learning sciences into the development of the online AI course. We also integrated AI techniques into the instruction of the course, including embedding 100 highly focused intelligent tutoring agents in the video lessons. By now, more than 2000 students have taken the course. Evaluations have indicated that OMSCS students enjoy the course compared to traditional courses, and more importantly, that online students have matched residential students’ performance on the same assessments. In this article, we present the design, delivery, and evaluation of the course, focusing on the use of AI for teaching AI. We also discuss lessons we learned for scaling the teaching and learning of AI.

Using AI to teach AI: lessons from an online AI class

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