Theories, Models, Programs and Tools of Design: Views from Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Human-Centered Computing


Our research on design adopts the perspectives of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and human-centered computing. Thus, it produces information-processing theories, computational models, computer programs, and interactive tools for aspects of design. In this chapter, we describe these perspectives and products. We also illustrate some of the methods and artifacts of our research through a case study of problem–solution coevolution in biologically inspired design. Starting with the Structure-Behavior-Function knowledge model as a seed, we develop a knowledge model of design problems called SR.BID that is grounded in empirical data about biologically inspired design practice. SR.BID captures problem descriptions as well as problem–solution relationships in biologically inspired design, and thus forms the basis for the development of new interactive tools for supporting its practice as well as new pedagogical techniques for learning about problem formulation.

Theories, Models, Programs, and Tools of Design: Views from Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Human-Centered Computing

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