Creativity + cognition + computation

Creativity + cognition + computation (C3 in short) is an informal consortium of Georgia Tech faculty engaged in research and education in creativity. Collectively we conduct research on a wide range of topics such as innovative design, scientific discovery, story telling, interactive games, virtual agents, music composition, and visual thinking. C3 is informally moderated by Ashok Goel, and supported by the GVU Research Center and the Design & Intelligence Laboratory.

Below are some of Georgia Tech faculty engaged in creativity research and education:

Amy Bruckman
Carl Disalvo 
Ellen Do 
Charles Eastman 
Jason Freeman 
Ashok Goel 
Sabir Khan 
Brian Magerko  
Ali Mazalek 
Abir Mullick 
Janet Murray 
Elizabeth Mynatt
Nancy Nersessian  
Wendy Newstetter 
Michael Nitsche 
Chris Paredis 
Steve Potter 
Mark Riedl 
David Rosen
Gil Weinberg
Jeannette Yen