The Launch of the Online Knowledge-Based AI Course

Last Monday (August 18, 2014) we released our online course on Knowledge-Based AI through Udacity as part of the Georgia Tech OMS in CS program. David Joyner, a learning scientist, is the course developer and TA for the course, and I am the course creator and instructor. The course is presently being taken by some 200 professionals.

The course is organized around a sequence of ambitious design and programming projects. It extensively uses problem-based learning, learning by example, learning by doing, and affords considerable opportunities for collaboration, reflection, and personalization. We think
of it as the first iteration in our program for design-based research on online learning.

Creating this course has been a lot of work. I must have put in >200 hours into it. David probably has put in >800 hours. Yet, I am excited about it. In the first five days, we received >800 postings on the collaboration forum for the course, indicating deep engagement. Many of the discussions are of high quality; Some are also quite intense. I expect to learn a lot from the course.

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