Upol Ehsan

Epistemically, I reside in the intersection between engineering, computer science and philosophy.

I graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Washington & Lee University where I fell in love with Engineering & Philosophy while maintaining a stable relationship with Mathematics. Post graduation, my journey in the IoT startup, Big Data consulting, and international travels has been an enriching period of self-discovery with development of leaderships skills. However, fundamental questions about human communication and innovations in the emerging markets (ICTD) kept on bugging me. So I’ve taken matters in my own hands and embarked on my PhD journey at Georgia Tech to research and take a shot at answering these questions.

My research and professional interests include affective computing, AI, assistive technologies (social prosthetics) for the cognitively challenged, and innovation in developing markets (ICTD).

I love creating things, be it software or hardware, and am a holistic coder-designer. Going beyond the algorithm and code, I focus on issues such as human-computer interaction during problem solving— be it the task of programming a Microcontrollter that will hack the nervous system of a living grasshopper or devising a way to fly a drone using gestures.

The world, in all its complexity, presents problems that are multidimensional, whose solutions require a multifaceted approach. It is crucial that our outlooks on life—epistemological and metaphysical—are diverse in nature.